We Require an Ambulance on urgent basis. You are requested to participate in this Sadqa-e-Jaria. Your cooperation is always priceless.

The physical needs of orphans, such as nutrition and health care, can often appear to be the most urgent. But the emotional needs of children who have lost a parent should not be forgotten.

Now it is the pious duty of all of us to help this organization, not only with money but also in bringing it up. Register in your heart what I had said. This is my vision, you people could fulfill it and relieve me of my heartache.


Our Vision

Our Mission!

Apna Ghar Jhelum established in 2001 and registered in 2003. We are a homeless shelter for the elderly, vulnerable and victimized in and around the Jhelum area. We also support females and orphaned children. We are voluntary organization which is supported through donations. We provide day-today basic essentials to support the people who seek refuge in the shelter and provide them with medical assistance when needed along with any funeral arrangements for those who expire during their time in Apna Ghar. Boarding and lodging for the helpless and homeless people we provide services on provision of Basic needs of human lives, Medical Aids, Legal Help, Social Consultation, Psychological Consultation and more...

Giving is most blessed and most acceptable when the donor remains completely anonymous.


It is expected from humans that they nurture all the people dependent on them with love and affection, and it is expected from the recipient that he does not do anything against the wishes of the donor or guardian.


Contact Information

          Dr Asia Mumtaz (Patron and president)
Jinnah Colony Rohtas Road Jhelum
Phone: +92-544-611511
Fax:      +92-544-720393

Mob:     +92-300-5421501